Bible reading by Republican spurs GOP walkout

Bible reading by Republican spurs GOP walkout

Lawmakers hurl F-bomb, flee meeting when Scripture quoted in LGBT vote

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Rep. Rick Allen, Georgia Republican, created quit a stir on Capitol Hill when he pulled out a Bible passage and began reading, as a way of showing fellow Republicans they ought to be ashamed for backing a spending bill that included language upholding a President Obama-backed ban on government contracts absent LGBT equal rights’ protections.

Specifically, Allen read a passage about the sin of homosexuality – and his fellow Republicans reportedly responded by walking from the room in disgust.

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“It was f—ing ridiculous,” said one Republican lawmaker, who had been in the room at the time of the reading and who had supported the LGBT measure backed by Obama, the Hill reported.

Allen read the passage during the GOP’s regular policy meeting in the basement of the Capitol, with apparent attempt to shame those lawmakers who, just hours earlier, had passed the spending bill containing the LGBT protections.

“A lot of members were clearly uncomfortable and upset,” an aide to one Republican leader said, the Hill reported.

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It’s not clear what specific passage Allen read.

But the LGBT portion of the spending bill that sparked the biblical reading was sponsored by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a “gay” New York Democrat, and states that nothing in the text of the appropriations measure could undercut Obama’s executive order banning government contracts with those companies that don’t protect LGBT rights, same as they do for gender, race and ethnicity.

Maloney has tried on different occasions in recent days to attach the measure to various spending bills, and has received the backing of dozens of Republicans, along with most Democrats.