How to keep Sabbath

Happy Sabbath 8-5-2017

Yes for those who are first coming into the knowledge of this Truth Saturday is indeed the Sabbath

To note: there is no Bible verses from Genesis to Revelation where God has changed the Sabbath from the 7th day to the First day of the week.

If you need more information on this please go to this link below:


This Blog today is for those who are first starting to get into celebrating the Sabbath.

I know when I first started keeping the sabbath it was very hard, Because I did not know what to do during the sabbath because when I first started I knew that

playing video games(like sports, Shooting, racing, etc) games could not be played during the sabbath

watching movies, cartoons, online videos on youtube and other sites that was not religious were forbidden during the Sabbath

talking to others during the sabbath is forbidden if the conversation goes outside of speaking about things that is not God or bible related

playing basketball or exercising is forbidden during sabbath

Knowing that a lot these activities were forbidden my whole first day of Sabbath felt like torture. I set around my room all day long sitting on my bed doing absolutely nothing,

I read several chapters out of the bible probably more chapters I’ve ever read in any book and at that time I was not a person who liked to read. So many times during that day

I kept wanting to looking at something but could not think of anything to watch or how to the pass the time.

Until I went online and spoke with some brethren at my church and what could I do during sabbath?

I even emailed the pastor because I was going to lose my mind if I went another sabbath that way.

Thank God the pastor and the brethren really helped me out giving me plenty of things someone new can do during the sabbath.

Because I know I am not the only one who have tried to celebrated the sabbath for the first time and did not know what to do. Now I am sharing that knowledge to new sabbath keeping brethren, especially during the summer where the sabbath’s are longer. To keep them from having to experience the same issues I was having during my first time, because me not preparing for the sabbath the way I should have the day before, I was starting my sabbath journey on a dangerous start, most people would not have bothered even celebrating another sabbath after what I went through, but I made a promise to God before that immediately if I find a job that would allow me to have Saturday’s off that I would start celebrating sabbath’s and keeping them.

What made me to continue to try the sabbath again was the fact I did not want to let our Holy Father in Heaven down by given up after one slip up on my part.

This was long before LCR( was even made or even thought of. Now the suggestions brethren gave me will be listed below

  • take nature walks
  • children sabbath schools
  • study nature and natural health
  • type up bible studies you can email or snail mail to loved ones
  • color bible pictures for children
  • visit the sick
  • leave tracks at park tables, outhouses or parking lots.. etc
  • sing or listen to songs of praise
  • visit the elderly
  • read Spirit of Prophecy(Ellen White books)
  • read the family bible chapters
  • go to a pond and feed the ducks
  • go witnessing door to door
  • read the bible by yourself
  • make 3X5 cards of scripture and memorize them
  • play bible games
  • Watch church videos
  • read church material
  • look at nature Documentaries
  • find Christian cartoons My suggestion if you have little kids are The Beginners Bible, Animated children bible stories, Jesus Bible story for Kids

So what happened the following week I made a schedule for myself to follow since during the summer sabbath ends for me between 8, or 8:30 pm in the evening depending whether its the beginning or the end of the summer the time changes. But the schedule I made went as followed:

1. whatever time I get Pray then read Matt 27:24-54

At that time in my bible reading I was in the book of 1st Kings, so 2 would be:

2. Bible readings: Read 1st Kings 1-10

3. Break lay down reflect and listening to music during sabbath hypms, classical(piano, harp,violin), Christian gospel music and good to listen to during sabbath,

Christian Rock and Rap is not Christian music or acceptable  during Sabbath

4. Bible readings: Read 1st Kings 11-20

5. Break lay down reflect and listening to music during sabbath hypms, classical(piano, harp,violin), Christian gospel music and good to listen to during sabbath,

Christian Rock and Rap is not Christian music or acceptable  during Sabbath

6. Log into POGM for Sermon (I often attend the SDR POGM church to listen to the sermons )  click her to sign up -> POGM

7. Look at nature videos (at that time I mostly looked at documentaries about animals, now I look at the national parks like yellow stone, or plant documentaries)

8. Pray then Take a nap

9.  then look at POGM youtube page

10. Pray and end Sabbath

I do not remember the time frame which is why I did not include them in the list and I did not include when I ate because you eat when you get hungry obviously. But you can see how just following this list how a first time sabbath keeper could keep the whole Sabbath and not break it at any part because its structured to make sure the are able to do stay constantly active during sabbath. Now I don’t need a schedule to keep because the Lord now reminds me at all times what is his will for me to do during his Sabbath.

Making a schedule like I did is just a suggest I am not saying you have to do it. But if you do try it please comment on this and let me know, how your first sabbath went

By LCR-Writer

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