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I love listening and reading how the Lord has helped people out in their lives.

Romans 10:13

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

John 3:11

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.”

Matthew 10:32

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”

Luke 12:8

“Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God:”


Testimony 1

It is Funny how much a young person goes through on a daily basis, but one thing I would love to thank the Lord for is spiking my curiosity about religion and what it was. I did a lot of church hoping as a child from going to church with my grandparents who are baptist, to going to church with my aunt who also was baptist, to going to church with my father’s ex girlfriend who was a catholic, and attending catholic school. Thank God for not allowing me to become attached a church as a young lad. Back than my only reason for going to church, was because want to go get something to eat afterwards and because by the time me and my family got back home my favorite cartoons would be on tv, since sunday mornings the tv was full church related programs.

At the age of 13 or 14 was the time I stopped going to church because I believe churches were scamming the people out of there money, along with me realizing that the catholic church was speaking the doctrine as the baptist. Also I could understand why the catholic church was claiming to say Jesus was there Lord, when it was they who kill Jesus in the first place, and also the thing with praising Mary and the Pope. I could understand why that they were being so contradicting with there belief system, even then I believed that the Pope was another Caesar. By saying in class one time that all Rome did was change the name from  Emperor to Caesar to Pope. At that time I thought Pope and Caesar meant the same as emperor, just spelled differently. But I did not like the fact the pastors and the nun’s could not engage in sexual activities. Yes I was dealing with lust at that time as well, from listening to my junior high school friends always talking about having sex and kissing girls. Which is why I thank God I said single all the way to high school. And another thing that caused me to step away from the church was that every church seemed to read out of the same books and verses of the bible, which was hard to tell why was there two separate churches that read from the same books and verses from the bible all the time. It was like the pastor from the catholic church I went to used the same sermon of the pastor of the baptist church I use to go too.

Even as young as I was back than I was still able to see the deceits of the churches, which is why I pray for those who still til this day, are walking blindly not into the house of God on sundays, but the house of satan. At that time it was the Lord protecting me from hearing the lies of this world. But the Lord placed my step father before me at the age of 14 who thought me about conspiracy theories, telling me thing about how the Government is doing evil things and how people who try to expose the government were either killed or thrown in jail. For what they spoke at that me step father would tell me about religion as well since the churches and synagogues he clean out as a janitor. He would often talk to the pastors of current events, and biblical truth.

Thank God that he had my step father plant a seed within me, which lead to me doing, my own studies on conspiracy theories which lead to me not wanting to even think about choosing a religion, because through my studying I found out how Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church has been at war for centuries, and Muslims believed in a prophet that contradicted his own belief, and Buddhism believed in Budda who could not even tell his own followers how to achieve the true enlightenment which he spent his entire life trying to gain. The only religion at that time I was interested in was Taoism which was another form of Buddhism, since Buddhism was the only religion that never went to war but the followers of Taoism only looked for peace in the world. Until God placed a brother who helped me understand why going into Taoism  would have been bad for me. And, he used the bible to explain everything which amazes me now, where as back then I went back home and searched from one website to the next trying to prove him wrong, and just could not. He was correct on every avenue.

So immediately I began to read the bible every Friday for an half an hour. Even though I claim Christ at that time as my Lord and Savior at age 20, I was not walking with him the way that I should have. Because if I had I would have never committed the sins and activities I did when I was 23 years of age. But that was the spanking I needed from the Lord, to start over again, So that was when I first said I wanted to start a website to spread the Lord message. But I did not know how to start the website. So by constant studying of the bible and learning more about computer programming, and with asking other brothers in Christ. How I would start a website which is the one you are reading from today.

So I thank God for Protecting me all these years and Blessing me with the opportunity to spread his message.

Testimony 2

I thank God for helping me with trying to be a better big brother to me siblings. Especially the young ones after the terrible sins I did throughout the age of 23. After finding God, I made it a duty to try to rebuild my relationships with my younger sister and brother. Well they are the future and I know I am only her with them a little while. But I tried everyday to give an open ear to my little sister as she calls me everyday for advice. She only 12, but I always try to give her the best advice that I can to help her with making right decisions though my method may confuse her. I can’t tell how many times I apologize to her from treating her like an outcast from the time I first met her. Only thing I need to work on with my sister and my baby brother is making promises I can’t keep. But I always pray they grow up into blessed people. Even when I am not with them any longer

I just hope my sister and my baby brother understands why I do not celebrate birthdays at all. Which is why I give them love gifts. Its amazing the smile you get from a child when you give them a gift which they did not even expect.


Testimony 3

Thank God for a wonderful prayer Life After the terrible 23 as  mentioned testimony 1. I began praying for others everyday 3 times a day. And, its a wonderful feeling, when I pray for others and sometimes maybe a Day, week, and sometimes possibly a month goes by and my prayers intercession for someone else  comes to past. Here are some of this wonderful answered prayers in intercession the Lord has answered


  1. My aunt contacted me asking me to pray for my uncle who had a drinking problem. Even got to the point he was possessed by a demon, telling my aunt your God can not do anything to help me. I prayed, a week later my uncle asks the doctor to check him into Rehab. Now my Uncle is back in the Church, and enjoying the reminder of his life with my aunt eating together, sleeping,  and other things that a good husband does for his wife.
  2. A friend of mines was out of a job since February 2016 and was dealing with immigration issues for years trying to apply for his citizenship here in the US. He asked me to pray for him one week later now he is now about to become a full US citizen and the following week started a new job.
  3. My grand aunt who passed away in 2016. We receive a call saying That my aunt was not doing well, and that she was about to breath her last breath. I prayed the day before asking the Lord quote “Dearly Father of Heaven I ask for intercession of prayer for my aunt, and also ask for your divine healing on my family who will be seeing their mother, sister, aunt, and cousin take her last. That Lord will you please ease their heart from their crying and regret. by having aunty leave us with a smile on her face.” As we went to the nursing home, my aunt passed away that evening around 5pm, and as the family was crying in the hallway. My cousin goes into my aunts room and then asks for everyone to come into the room. She asked did anyone move my aunt head or touch her at all everyone said no. And, when I entered the room my deceased aunt had a smile on her face with her head up.

Testimony 4

I thank God for the many people I uplift in prayer everyday. People needs to be prayed for everyday, So to keep track of every person the Lord lead me into making a Prayer List with all the Names of every Person I pray for and my little prayer started as a note pad file with barely over 100 people in December 2014 and that little prayer list has grown to now having now 1457 People being prayer for each and everyday. I don’t normally pray for myself because I don’t deserve the Lords grace. But when I do  always ask him for more answered prayers and more knowledge


Testimony 5

I thank the Lord for the happiness he gives me and the peace. I do not have many friends, so it is often where satan tries to attack the loneliness, I sometimes feel. But the Lord helps me with this by having me read testimonies from other, reading the bible, or working on the website.

Testimony 6

Thanks God For lordschosenremnant.org this site was 3 years in the making after the terrible 23 as went over in testimony 1. The Lord has lead me now to spreading his gospel to other through the sermons I write or that others have Said because sometimes others can deliver the messages a lot better than I can or sometimes as I am writing sermons, the Lord leads me to sermons that others have said that maybe the same topic. So I share those preachers who are sharing the Lords word to the best of the ability.

Testimony 7

This is not my own testimony this is a testimony, that was told to me by a clerk at food Lion store I normally visit. She explained that the person before me was a pastor and she knows about how I am not shy about my faith in speaking about Jesus. But the clerk told me that pastor goes and pray over soldiers who have been inured while on duty or in wars. She explain to me the story he just shared with her before I got in line. She stated that he went to a hospital one time to pray for a soldier that could not walk because of his injuries and he was an atheist. She said the pastor mentioned that he was there to prayer for him the injured soldier, the soldier is begin yelling at him telling him to leave the room. The clerk then tell me that pastor then pray for the soldier as he is yelling at him. She said that when the pastor finished his prayer the soldier gets up out of the bed and tells the pastor to leave the room as he is walking towards him. The soldier then stops for a second then realizes that he was walking.

This Testimony shows the power of prayer and faith in God and Jesus Christ Amen.

Testimony 8

I want to thank God for his divine love and always looking to help his children with whatever they ask of him if they are obedient.
The Lord this past week help me and my family greatly. I have a step sister whose in high school at the age of 13 years of age. She’s highly into worldly things like rap, dancing, looking at R rated movies and others. Since shes been in high school her mom does not allow her hang around her friends that she’s in high school with because her mom feels the conversations a high school 16/17 year old girls talks about a 13 year old should not engage in outside of school. And, I know whoever reads this your thinking the following well servant2 of LCR.org whether she is in the school or not she is still going to be exposed to whatever gossip those 16/17 year old girls will talk about anyways, so what is the point of her mom doing that. I know I have already explain this to her mom and my own father before when her junior high school wanted to skip her to high school, that her attending high school at a young age would be terrible for her she should remain in junior high. But like many of my family member they did not listen to me allowed her to skip to the 9th grade anyways. But lately my step sister has been behaving terribly, she’s rebelling against her mom because she won’t allow to talk or go out with her with her high school classmates. So lately for the past month my step sister has coming home late sometimes as late as 8 or 9pm at night and she is supposed to be in the house at 4pm everyday from school. Last Monday the week before Halloween she didn’t come home at all that night than came back Tuesday morning to grab her school uniform from what was told to me by my dad was her mom confronted the 13 year old with a series of questions like “where you been? Why didn’t you call? And who were you with all night?” So my 13 year old sibling than lashes out in a series of unglodly asks like cursing at her mom and telling her own mother she did not need her which showed my sibling was becoming demonically oppressed by satan. Then her mom lost her temper and in short told the 13 year old to get out the house. So that evening the same day her mom wanted to apologize to her, so her mom went to her school to pick her up and take her home to talk things out, but as soon my step sibling saw her mom’s car she ran from her. And, from that Tuesday onward she never came home, so her mom called the police Wednesday morning. There is never a good time to run away, but during this time of season around Halloween is the worst time for my step sister to be out in the streets in the middle of the night, reason why is for one she is 13 years old but also knowing during this time some cults like snatching innocent kids sacrificing them to their deities and since I was watching closely at the months of September and October in 2017 before Halloween came a total of 180 kids have gone missing around the areas and neighboring states where we live like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and DC. So I began to present my siblings and her mother case before our Heavenly Father every until last Friday during Sabbath while I was on the phone Brother Reginald we began to pray together for her and before we finished praying, my dad came upstairs while on the phone with mom saying that she finally came home.

I Thank God for moving his spirit to get her to come home safely; now from what was told by my dad what move her was her friend whose house she was staying at and told her quoting what dad said what the young lady said quote “Why are you putting your mom through this? Your mom has not done anything wrong to you. You need to go home.”
Til this day I know the Lord used that friend of my sibling to speak those words. The Miracles the Lord does increase my faith every time I see his hand move. I love our Lord

Testimony 9

I want to thank the Lord for blessing me with a new job this week
At my previous job the company was pretty much purposely putting a heavy work Load on their workers reasons why was because I have found out that the company that I was working for was purposely lying to a new client.
Well let me start from what type of service my previous job provided, well in short they provided services through video transmissions, sending and receiving video traffic using their home brew software to do so also they were providing their own hardware to the clients
So the client purchases my company’s services to allow them the ability to do video transmissions whether through the web, or to television stations.
But a couple of months ago the company made a deal with a 1000 pound Gorilla basically a big client in the tv industry cannot say because of NDA. But this client to make this easy to follow lets call the client (client-d) wanted my company to ship out our server boxes to 200 of their tv stations, 4 servers per site and 1 switch in a period of 3 months. Which was a very silly decision to make because I was working in the network operation center(NOC) and I was one guy of 2 doing the server builds and the other guy was new so I had to train him while building. So me and this new guy was overwhelmed building close to 25 to 30 servers a day and those were for just client-d, now it would not have been bad if we were just shipping out the server not configured with anything however we had to configure and testing each server and switch that went out the door which made things very hard and no room for mistakes. Plus we had other servers to build for many other clients who were not in affiliated with client-d at all and needed their servers built as well. Several many times we fell behind on server builds and the company fell behind schedule on the project for client-d. So the company would lie to client-d telling that they would get there equipment to them by the next day then pressure us doing the server builds to get as many out as possible both of us was even working past 40 hours a week to build the equipment. And, the more they would lie to client-d the more they would pressure us to build more servers. In a period of 2 month me and the new guy built and shipped out more than 300+ servers and switches. So I prayed to the Lord and he told me to quit that job. But I also ask the Lord that I want him to find my next job for me, So I did not apply to any jobs at all, 3 weeks went by then last Friday I received a call from a temp agency informing about a job, Tuesday I had the interview with there client and they hired me under contract the next day.

I trusted in the Lord and he found me my next job Praise the Lord